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Episode - Choose Your Story, usually shortened to 'Episode' is an interactive game app available on Google Play, the Apple App Store and the Amazon app store. The game is produced by Pocket Gems, who formed in 2009.

If you're of a certain age, you might remember the old 'game adventure' books of the 1980s, where the reader had to make choices as to what the lead character did next - go to page 20 to fight a troll, or turn to page 42 to run away in panic, that sort of thing. Well, Episode - Choose Your Story is an animated modern-day equivalent.

Lead the Story, Or Write Your Own

Once you download your choice of story, the rest is up to you. You can choose from titles such as lifestyle stories such as Campus Life (one of the top 100 best-selling iOS apps for 2012), Stranded at Sea (adventure), Animal Voyage (a mystery-conservation story) and even historical tales such as Tea & Poison. If you want to find love, or solve the mystery, or make it big in Hollywood - a story can offer all of these, but it's down to the choices you make for your character in these fun animations.

Choices a player might be asked for their character include: 'What should wear for the party?', 'Where should we start the search?' or where you want to confront the story's villain. Or, if you prefer being more creative, you can write your own game for others to play.

Here's a walk-through of a campus-based story:

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