Is Talking Angela DANGEROUS?!


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Emma Midnight , AHHHH, answered

Talking Angela, Tom and Ginger are VERY dangerous games.

What you do on it is care about your pets by feeding them, playing with them, but Talking Angela can Talk! She asks you questions!

Zoom in their eyes and you can see a ROOM in their eyes! I am being very serious now. Sometimes you can even see a MAN in their eyes. It is very scary. I am not trying to scare you, I am just warning you that if you have it DELETE it now!

Talking Angela is a cute white cat, and it asks you cute stuff and all, but then its voice changes a TINY bit and asks WIERD questions like 'Where do you live'? 'Whats your name?' 'Whats your age'? 'What school do u go to?' PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER THEM!

Angela takes pictures of you wih their eyes, and it asks you wierd, personal things.

My friend had Talking Angela, so had her brother, and my friend was playing on it, (she is 13) and when Angela asked her where she lived she thought it was wierd and shut her Ipad down. But, her brother is only 5, and her brother was playing on it, and Angela asked him 'what school do you go to?' and the little boy answered it, and when the boy was supposed to come from school by bus, he didnt come home. And they didnt find him.

So TALKING ANGELA has a PEDO in her eyes. And they actually kidnap children. The pedophil is a sick man, so please if you have Talking Angela DELETE it!

But if you want to continue playing it, well then, BLOCK your camera, (my friend blocked it and Angela said 'move your fingers so i can see your face!' ;(((().) and DO NOT answer her questions.

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