How to hack someones tango account?


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Hacking someone's Tango account probably isn't something you want to do:

Not only is it illegal to access people's private information through hacking or unauthorized access

But also, Tango has really beefed up its web security since it was hacked by an organization called the Syrian Electronic Army, a group that spies on people on behalf of the Syrian government, and captures data about people through illegal means.

How the Syrian Electronic Army hacked Tango

They stole information about the app's users, which were probably used for twisted purposes.

Is this the kind of act you'd want to be associated with?

If you really are desperate to hack a Tango account, then you'll be pleased to know the way the Syrian Electronic Army hacked Tango was fairly simple:

The used a phishing scam, which involves sending an unsolicited email to a user, encouraging them to click on a link which downloads or executes a program on their device - breaching their security and potentially accessing private data.

In the case of the Tango hack, they were able to gain access to:

  • The databases that hosts more than a 1,000,000 of  the app users personal phone numbers
  • All user's private contacts
  • Log-in details and email addresses
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To hire a real hacker you have to have access to be deep web.

Although many people don't know how to go about getting access to the deep web which is a very discreet and only accessible via VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK or a browser like TOR.


Download Tor

Basically hacker can either own a site or a mail where you can easily reach them for there services.

The strict policy of hiring an hacker is payment before service and the payment mode is mostly via BTC where it can't be traced.

For my personal experience with a certain female hacker I meet on the deep web I believe a real hacker would give you a full illustration of what you are about to do before commencing.

I would only recommend you to this certain female hacker I met on the deep web for those that won't have the previlege or time to access the deep web.



Good luck!!!!!

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