How do i uninstall tuneup my mac?


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There are two ways to uninstall the TuneUp software from you Mac:

1) First way to remove TuneUp from a mac

  • Open your applications folder
  • Drag the TuneUp icon from the folder and into the trash can
  • Confirm that you want it removed.

2) Second way to uninstall TuneUp from a mac

This process is a little more complicated, but will ensure that all traces of TuneUp are removed from your machine forever:

  1. Launch "Finder" and look up  "Mac HD > Applications"
  2. Drag the TuneUp icon into the trashcan as before.
  3. Go back to Finder, hit the "Go" menu button, and then choose the option 'Go to Folder...'
  4. You will then need to search for the following folder path: Library/PreferencesGo_to_Folder.png
  5. Once in there, select and delete the file called: com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp.plist
  6. Also delete the file called (you can find this by looking up in Finder again): Library/Application Support
  7. Also delete the following files: com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp and /Library/Caches and com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp
Once you have removed the above files from your machine, there should be no trace of TuneUp left on your mac!

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To remove TuneUp files from your Mac, please follow the instructions below:

• Open a "Finder" window and go to "Mac HD > Applications"
• Click and drag the TuneUp icon from your Applications folder, into the trash can on the bottom right hand side of your dock
• Back within Finder, locate the "Go" menu at the top of your screen, and select Go > Go to Folder...
• Enter the following file path into the space provided
• Delete the file named: com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp.plist
• Repeat Steps 3-5, but enter a different file path instead: Library/Application Support
• Delete the folder named: com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp
• Repeat Steps 3-5 one last time, and enter the following file path: /Library/Caches
• Delete the folder named: com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp

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