Why does my Snapchat say I screenshot when i don't?


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There is nothing more awkward than when Snapchat displays the "screenshot taken" message on images where you haven't take a screenshot!

It leaves you with a lot of explaining to do...

There are a couple of reasons why Snapchat might be detecting a screenshot when you haven't take one:

  1. There's something wrong with the Snapchat app. This can be remedied by uninstalling and then re-installing Snapchat.
  2. There might be some malware on your phone which is taking screenshots and saving them in the background (i.e. Not in your camera roll or image section)
    If this is the case, you might need to run some anti-virus or anti-malware software on your phone.

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Emily Rivers answered

I got caught out by this the other day - my friend asked me why I screenshotted her, when I really hadn't! Embarrassing!

As Kass said, it is usually a glitch with the Snapchat app, and it can usually be resolved by uninstalling and re-installing the app. Apparently, it can be the way you tap on the screen when you view a snap that makes it show that you screenshot - perhaps if you double-tap really quickly without the app registering it properly. 

I'm pretty sure that's what happened to me.

If you think you might have some kind of malware on your phone, it's probably best to get some anti-virus software like AVG Mobile Security which can run scans and remove anything that might be causing you to unknowingly screenshot.

If neither uninstalling nor running anti-virus scans stops Snapchat from telling your friends you're screenshotting, I guess all you can do is apologise and plead your innocence...

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Alex Moore answered

You might accidentally fire up the built-in screenshot of your phone through the shortcuts.

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