How to change your name in Clash of Clans?


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Yo Kass answered

Once you've set a username in Clash of Clans and played for a while, you might later change your mind about which name you picked and decide you want a new one.

Unfortunately, changing your name on Clash of Clans can only be done in one way it seems:

Contact the clash of clans support team

If you click on the link above, that should open an email to the support team.

You can also get info about other Clash of Clan problems (although name changing is not mentioned) in the support pages:

These are hosted on the site of parent company "Supercell".

As well as contacting the team via email as mentioned above, you can also write a letter to the Clash of Clans team here:
Itämerenkatu 11-13
00180 Helsinki

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Gerry Taylor answered

Once your account is linked to Google Play then there's no way you can change your name.

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Muhammad Ramzan answered

Supercell should provide the option to change the clan name, but only once. ... Sorry, you can't change your clan's name in Clash of Clans. I know your clan name might be weird, but you gotta stick to it. There's no way you can change your clan name. I Recently Downloaded Clash of Clans Hack Mod Apk. I Think you can change a name with this Mod Apk.


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