Why did someone I don't know add me on how is it possible? thanks to the guy Kass Yassin for your answer but you see the problem is that I DON'T have a twoo account or profile!


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Maybe someone is using your email address for their account, so when it emails them saying someone has added them, it goes to you instead.

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Oh I see! You should have just commented on my previous answer rather than post a new question.

Anyway, I think I know what you mean... And it is basically a really annoying and spammy marketing strategy.

Some of these social networking sites try to push the social aspect of their network by using the information that new users provide them to capture other users aggressively.

For example, they will encourage new users to let them access their email accounts when they sign up, and then send out messages to all their contacts.

Often, this is done under the pretext of "finding friends" on the network.

However, as your example shows, sometimes these emails are written in a way that is purposefully misleading to encourage you to check out their site.

So, what's probably happened is that someone who has your email address in their contact list joined Twoo, was asked whether they wanted to find friends, and when they clicked "yes" an email was sent out to all their friends saying someone wants to chat with them on Twoo...

I get  something similar from a website called Badoo... I get emails saying people want to chat with me. I also don't have a profile on the site.

When I go to the website, there's a little flashing "6" on the homepage alerting me to 6 new messages waiting for me... I haven't even signed in or created a profile though, so how could I have messages waiting for me specifically!?!?

My advice: I wouldn't worry about it too much to be honest. 

If you're bothered by these emails on a regular basis, either block them from your inbox - or get in touch with an admin from their site.

You can also report the website if they continue to send spam after you've asked them to stop

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