On Vine what does revine mean?


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A revine is basically the same as a 'retweet' on Twitter... It allows you to share a Vine to your followers by pushing it directly into their feed.

What are revines

In one word: sharing.

It's a way of sharing 6-second video loops (Vines) on the Vine platform.

The revine symbol is two arrows forming a circle-like shape. It is very similar to the icon use for a "retweet" on Twitter.

Like a retweet on Twitter, a revine is one of the highest endorsements you can give another user's content, so a Vine that gets revined a lot is usually worth watching.

If that's true, Vines like the following should be the epitome of creative and inspiring social interaction:

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It means sharing someone else's Vine.

By the way, a good idea for vine idea is to try to copy something of what you saw before, but also include something you never saw before.

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