What is the worst pokemon type?


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Grass and/or Rock. They are both weak to 5 types!

The two best types are Ground and/or Fighting. They both have an advantage on 5 types!

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Spencer Ollin
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Onix is rock/ground leaving him at a huge disadvantage against water, grass, and ground! Rock is weak to ground, water, fighting, and grass. Ground is weak to grass, water, and ice! If Onix is hit with a water or grass type move he takes 4X the normal damage! Dang!
Yo Kass
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Ouch. Ok fair enough, he looks like he could crush most of those water & grass pokemons though.. but I guess technically he's not that great
Onix Racoon
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Normal type. It doesn't do super effective damage on any type and can't hit ghosts and does little damage to rock and steel since they usually have high defense

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