Anyone know how to stop Fifa 14 from freezing on the PS3?


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FIFA 14 has a freezing issue on PS3, even EA sports has admitted it and wrote a whole section of guidelines on what to do. It all depends on whether you're in-game, and what mode you're playing in - so read this;

Save Game Suggestions

  • Re-save file in a new slot with a new name

Manager Mode Suggestions

  • Recall scouts, go into Youth Team and release players until you only have 7 or so.
  • Load up old season, sim the games until the end of the transfer window, save and reload old game. Does that work?
  • If you’re at the squad-size cap of 42, try releasing a few players
    (youngsters you don’t really care about if possible). Once you’ve
    cleared some space in your squad, we recommend keeping at least 1 space
    whenever possible.

In-Game Suggestions

  • If your game keeps freezing on a specific date/match, try to sim past that date.
  • Turn off “Hospitality settings”
    • On Xbox, select “Xbox Live”  (in-game main menu option), select “Xbox Live Settings” and then go to “Hospitality Settings”
    • On PS3 , select “Online Modes” (in-game menu option), select “Online Settings” and then “Hospitality Settings”

Please Note – Don’t delete your personal settings to do this.
While this will remove your hospitality settings, it will also delete
your Virtual Pro.

Technical Suggestions

  • Reset your modem and router, and clear your system’s cache
    • For Xbox 360 players, please take a look at this article on the Xbox Support Center
    • For PS3 players, please take a look at this article on our Help Center
  • Delete your EA Sports GameFace
  • Check to see if your save file is corrupted
    • For Xbox players, we recommend taking a look at this article on the Microsoft Support Center
    • On PS3, take a look at your FIFA 14 save game files in the Save Data
      Utility. If any have! As a part of the file name, it has bad data. This
      file has to be deleted, and your save will be lost.
In order to avoid Career Mode freezing issues, we recommend doing the following to avoid encountering difficulties:
  • Keep multiple game saves, each at different points in the season
  • Don’t try too many transfers at one time

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