Can i find my routing number online?


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There are three ways to find your routing number online, but I find the easiest to be this first method of sourcing your routing number:

1. Examine a bank check, your routing number will be printed on it. Different banks may display routing numbers differently, so study the check carefully or ask your bank for more advice.

2. Get help finding your routing number through an online database.

All you need to know is the name of your bank and the state the branch is located in, and the database usually manages to work out what your routing number is.

3. You can also pay a fee to the ABA (American Bankers Association) and gain access to published records of key to routing numbers. Make sure you stick with the official website in this case, as there may be other sites that claim to be able to help you find your routing number online but then ask you for a fee before delivering on their promise.

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