Bootstrap vs Foundation: which front-end framework do you prefer?


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I think Bootstrap. Its an opensource and well documented.  And after if you can customize some options that will be great . And after all bootstrap uses  are increasing day by day so people are meant to familiar with this working set.  And Also you can get about 16000+ project about Bootstrap in github.
So i think it will be good. But actuality it  bonded how the structure build in base. I mean css+js with ajax. So it will be best to discuss with User Interface Developer of Blurt-it

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Does it put you off at all how widely used Bootstrap is though? Sometimes it's nice to be different :)
Asik Mahmud
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nope i didn't mean that difference i already said for user/visitor interface " if you can customize some options that will be great"
and said wide use bootstrap for developer he/she can get so many helps to built a powerful site easily .. that's i mean..
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Bootstrap is a very nice framework because it allows you to implement some nice looking CSS and cool functions very quickly and effectively.

Foundation is not as comprehensive, and is less used, so if you want to become a professional front end developer I would recommend getting well acquainted with Bootstrap as it is the style that most clients will request or be impressed by.

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