What is Google secretly building in the San Francisco bay?


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Ooh! Intriguing... There's lots of speculation & secrecy. Let us know if you find out :)

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Yo Kass
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Will do. I hope all the excitement isn't for nothing though. I remember Google+ being full of reports about a mysterious Google van that was driving around town... turned out to be a catering van :(
Ron Payne
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Google has many projects going on. Anyone want to make a guess as to what is being built in the San Francisco bay? Would be great to issue a "prize" for first correct answer. :D
Yo Kass
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Don't know if it's too soon to be sure, but there are reports from San Francisco-based station KPIX 5 that the "Google Barge" is actually going to be a 3-floor showroom to show off all the new innovative products that Google are developing and launching (including Google Glass).

The top floor is going to be a "party deck" which only exclusive guests will enjoy.

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