I'm a female teenager who plays video games all day, I don't really do much.. does anyone know any good hobbies I can do inside? 


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You might like to read, there are great books that have action, sci fi, etc.

You may like crafts, knit, writing poetry, drawing, painting, making jewelry, sewing, cooking, origami, clay sculpture, start a home biz :)

Good luck!

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What video games do you play?

You could turn that into a more "active" hobby using an Xbox Kinect or a Nintendo Wii...

But if you want some stuff that don't involve looking at a screen at all, then here are a few suggestions:

1. Learn to make sushi

It's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of rolling the sushi neatly.

Here's a good example:

The cool thing is you can switch the filler with pretty much anything, and get really creative. I like going for some crispy chicken, bbq sauce and rocket. Yum!

2. Make some viral Vines.

Ok, this does involve looking at a screen, but at least you're being creative!

If you keep creating interesting Vines every few days, you're bound to hit the big time eventually with a clip that goes viral.

You don't even need loads of props or help. One of my favorite Viners is a guy called Rudy Mancuso, and most of his clips are of him and his mom in their house:

3. Make a board game?

Yeah, it might sound a bit geeky, but it's actually a lot of fun. Especially if you create a game with lots of jokes that you and your friends will get and enjoy.

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Orange Ninja
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I'm a PC gamer I don't have any consoles accept the Wii, and the type of games I play are first person shooters like team fortress 2
Orange Ninja
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I also do not like sushi, so I don't think i could get into that at all.. making board games seem like fun, and I might try making a vine..
Yo Kass
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cool, have fun!

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