I have made up a nice video on topic of natural scene and put it up on YouTube. After a month I was surprised to see that my video is viewed by only 13 people:( Now anyone can tell me what can I do for increasing my viewers?


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Alix Smith , Helping to others, answered

I think you should have to make your videos thumbnails quite attractive for the viewers and 2ndly and most importantly I ll suggest you to buy some views for your videos. It will make worth to your video and someone looking to your video and imagine that it was viewed by many times so there should be something special in this video. buy youtube views

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Yo Kass
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Wow that sounds really scammy though! Surely a video with interesting content will rack up page-views on its own merit, no? If you buy views, a few people might fall for this and check out the video, but if you're just ripping them off they'll leave a bad comment or down vote you. Then it would just be a waste of money, no?
Adam  Groom
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I don't condone buying views but it may help persuade some people to view it. You would be better off getting real views though, have you tried promoting it on the social networks?

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