Does anybody know why kids don't find Facebook 'cool' anymore?


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I think the reason kid's (including myself) don't log on to facebook much anymore is because for one thing it's been quite popular for quite some time. And another theory is that it is because of all the newer social networks that are available now. (Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr) etc. Most of these newer sites allow you to do more than facebook and of course are more popular because it's new (kind of how facebook was at first.) Every website out there goes through a faze where it is popular for a short time until something much better comes out and then the whole cycle starts all over again.

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A lot of people are saying young people don't want to be using the same social network their parents are on.. do you think that's a factor?
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Oh most definitely! I have been hearing that myself quite a bit lately. I've even seen pictures and statuses making fun of that saying something along the lines that facebook is ruined because "too many of our parents joined" which I find kind of funny actually.

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