What are the advantages of inkjet printers?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

Inkjet printers have several advantages and are probably the most popular printers used today. However, there are disadvantages too, so it is important to mention those too...


  • They are very cheap to buy.
  • Even the cheapest inkjet printers produce high-quality text and images.
  • They are small and can fit easily onto an office desk or a table in your home.
  • Inkjet printers (unlike laser printers) don't need time to heat up.


  • The cost of cartridges is very high. What starts off as a cheap printer can end up costing a lot more than expected as ink is costly and doesn't last long.
  • Not all types of paper can be used as ink will smudge on some surfaces. This is not a problem for laser printers.
  • If you have a huge batch of printing to be done it will be very time consuming with an inkjet printer, compared to a laser printer.
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Chips Ters answered

Hello! I agree with the shortcomings. An inkjet printer did not work for me because the ink was drying out quickly. I had to buy a laser and more technological brother DCP printer. This device is suitable for almost all types of home printing and by the way it does a good job of printing photos.

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