Could someone please tell me what it means when your computer runs slow and it tells you that your virtual memory is low? Thank you.


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That youve actually overloaded your memory banks. I had the same problem a few months ago and then deleted over 700 friends off my friends list on here and problem solved
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Arthur Wright
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It sure will and the ones I deleted off I never heard from so I was just a name on someones list so after I deleted all that my computer was as good as new and I would delete shouts and emails as soon as youre done with them to save your computer. Its well worth it but does take time to delete all this
Emma Elsie
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Right, Thank you so much Arthur, great help.
Tony Newcastle
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Arthur : Good advice, mate, keep your computer's memory within coping capacity at all times.
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Hi E:E :)
There are lots of reasons why this might happen. Have you checked for spyware recently? You might find that clearing the browser cache helps as well. Running short of virtual memory usually means that something is "getting stuck" either in the real memory, or in the virtual memory itself. Have any applications crashed recently? I'm assuming that you are on a Window machine - Macs and Linux boxes don't (so) often show these sorts of problems. Have you got a lot of minimised applications on the task bar?  Do you know how to use the control and system tools to see what processes are running in the background? (If not, ping me a mail and I'll try to send some details). Have you defragged the disk recently?
Best.. Ray
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Emma Elsie
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Thank you Ray. I have defragged earlier on ( I feel good now doing that!!!!) and it does seem better. I am going to have a clear out of mails too.( But not yours Ray!!) It is windows xp Ray. I did not have a lot of miminised apps on the task bar earlier on ,it simply would not let me open up my email at first. If it does not cure it I will ping you, as u call it! I will ping you anyhow asap.
Emma Elsie
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Ray, You can call me EE or EJ, remember I am one and the same and I am not trying to hoodwink anyone!!!
Emma Elsie
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But you know that dont you Ray!
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I sure its coz when the drive in which your windows is located gets full lke 90 % or 99 % or somthing like that.Its not related to your browser or some thing or your account on blurtit or facebook or whatever,... Just move the files in local disk C:// if your windows is there and paste them to any other drive.This will stop that warning,. If you just have 1 local drive, delete some big sized files.that wil help you in such situation.Any ways, good luck !!!
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You should find this to be helpful Emma -

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