I have a 2004 Sorento ... The gas door (petrol lid ) won't open if i use the electric button on the driver door.. What shall I do ?


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If it's truly stuck than the only  thing you can do it rip it open and hope that it won't cost a lot to fix. My guess for a repair that small would be right around $40 or so.  I'm sure your KIA dealer might even take care of you for free if your car is still under warranty.  Figure out If your under warranty or not.  If your not than just rip that sucker open and take it in for repair. You got to put in gas sooner or later right? Who knows... You might even be able to fix it yourself if your a handy guy.
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I misread your question.. You said electrical. Well then don't pry it open. Have someone that knows what they are doing look at it. Might be a blown fuse like Arthur said below.
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You would probably have to pry it open without damaging the car's body in an emergency. Take the car to a dealership and have them check out the problem and fix the car. Good luck:)

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