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LIAM (Leprichaun InterActive Map) is an interactive map written in Visual Basic for the game Vampires: The Dark Alleyway. The program was designed by Kain McBride (Leprechaun) shortly after DA:I'm (Dark Alleyway Interactive Map) went retail. McBride believed that gamers should be able to have access to a free map so he designed a better map with more features. The map is updated regularly as prompted by changes in the game.

Features of LIAM include:

Automatic Login - The map logs you into the game automatically.

AutoNavigate - You don't have to update where you are as the map follows you.

Changeable Map Interface - Users can decide what type of interface they want.

Shopping List Generator - Users can figure out the totals of in-game objects in their virtual shopping cart.

Easy-To-Understand Help - Fully integrated into the map. You'll not be confused.

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