How To Create A Student Details Recording System Using Structure And Array? It Should Contains Student Details Such As Student ID, Student Name, Nationality And Gender.please Show Me The Code. Thanks In Advance.


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It was better if you had mentioned Language name. At structure Student{     Dim ID as Integer     Dim Name as string     Dim Nationality as String     Dim Gender as String } sub main()     Dim STDs(20) as Student         STD(0).ID=1001     STD(0).Name="Mr. XXXXX"     STD(1).ID=1001     STD(1).Name="Mr. XXXXX" End sub  At C#  public struct Student{     public int ID;     public string Name;     public string Nationality;     public string Gender; } class Program{     static void Main(String[]abc){    Student[]STDs=new Student[20];    STDs[0].ID="1001";    STDs[1].Name="Mr.XXXXX";     } }   

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