Why Is The CD Jewel Case So Called?


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The CD jewel case was invented in 1982 by the English designer Peter Doodson when CDs first started to be produced in large quantities. The CD jewel case is a slim plastic case with hinges and a moulded circular depression with a circular clip for holding the CD in place.

It was called a jewel case for a really bizarre reason. Apparently, jewellers who were also watchmakers used a special type of hinge in watches and clocks that incorporated a gemstone such as a ruby. These 'jewel' hinges had a particular shape that involved a part the same shape as a hemisphere.

This type of hinge, made in plastic, is the one chosen for use in the CD case, and the jewel case took its name from its hinge.

There are now loads of different types of CD cases, slimline, clam shell, multiple CD and maxi single cases. The original jewel case is starting to look a bit old fashioned but it was high tech in its day.

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