How Do I Get Around The 60 Minute Time Limit For Online Games?


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You don't specify what kind of game you're talking about, but if it's one of those like PopCap or Reflexive games, where you download the game and install it, and you get to play for 1 hour, then it stops working, then there are many people that work on cracks and keygens for these games and if you surf carefully, you should be able to find one that will work for you...

Just remember to scan all downloads with a reputable virus/spyware scanner before you run it, or you may find yourself with a major infection.

As far as the one game that didn't stop after an hour... You got lucky. Most of those type games will stop working every time... However, if you install a good 'uninstaller' that restores your system to it's condition BEFORE the installation, and use it appropriately, you theoretically can install the game, play it for an hour, then use the uninstaller to remove the game, and re-install it to play for another hour. But this is a little extreme, and can still fail. Frankly, you're better off finding a good crack or keygen and using it... Just remember, it still qualifies as game piracy, and while you will most likely never get caught for it, there are still those that dislike it, so if you go that route, keep it to yourself... Nobody needs to know anyway... Heh.

Hope that helps!

Ja ne!

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