Does Anyone Else Have A Tauren Druid?


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For leveling I would go with mostly feral talents and maybe a few resto.  I am not sure what lvl you currently are so I filled out a talent tree up to lvl 50 for starters which can be found here:

Then just get gear with stam,agil, str.  This is the best lvling build and is a lot less gear dependent than a balance build.  If you went resto you would have a hard time killing anything unless you were in a group.

With Feral its a great build because you can tank and dps and it will be easy to find groups.   It is also a lot easier to grind for quests and such.  Also make sure to get the talent called Feral Swiftness cause it makes traveling so much faster, which is a big part of leveling up.  Also don't hesitate to save some healing gear on the side just in case you are ever called on to heal.
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thanks for that, very helpful :) I'm still a bit new to it all, can you explain DPS?
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DPS is damage per second. Basically there are a few main roles in all groups when going through a dungeon. Tanking = taking all the damage and keeping all the enemies on you and not hitting the rest of your team. Healers keep everyone alive but should really be only healing the tank if everyone else is playing smart since the tank should be the only one being beaten on. Then the DPS which is incharge of killing all the enemies because they dish out the most damage. Usually a group has one healer, one tank, and 3 dpsers.
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Continuing. Thats the great thing about a druid because he can tank in bear form, dps in cat form or through balance talents, and heal with resto talents. Hence why druids are called hybrids. Of course your character will always be at its best with the correct gear to match the current talent choices. At the low levels tanking gear and cat dps gear is pretty much the same, making it the best leveling spec.
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The best talent in taurens are their ability which is called "Warstomp" this ability stuns 5 enemies for 2 seconds which are around the tauren.
The "Nature Resistance" is the best way to increase the level of tauren.

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