What Are The Advantages Of Digital Signature?


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The advantages of using digital signatures include:

• Fraud prevention: By using digital signatures we are eliminating the possibility of committing fraud as the digital signature cannot be altered. Moreover  the forging signature is impossible.
• Message integrity: By having a digital signature we are in fact proving the document to be valid. We are assuring the recipient that the document is free from forgery or false information.
• Legal requirements: Using a digital signature satisfies some type of legal requirement for the document in question. A digital signature takes care of any formal legal aspect of executing the document.
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Think "Paperless Office!" :)

It's all quite simple really; digital signatures it will allow you to sign documents of almost any file type/format on your computer. I think what will help you in this case is a feature (which is included in that software) that adds plain buttons to existing app UI, such as Adobe Reader, so you won't have to open the PDF in an external program.

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