How do u find someone u haven't seen in 19 years i found out my ex boyfriends mother died and i have been trying to find him on facebook?


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Meg Hayes answered
It can be rather difficult to find someone on Facebook, especially if you don't have any friends in common or if you're unsure of their current location.

  • Use the search tool
The first thing you should try is a general people search on Facebook. When you are on this page you can search for people by entering very basic information such as their name, location as well as their workplace, email address and education if you know it.

  • Friends in common search
There is a more specific search page available on Facebook that will allow you to search for people depending on your mutual friends. If you are looking for someone that you know are friends with your friends, then it will be much easier to find them.

  • Search by email address
Facebook can help you to find your friends by searching for their email address. They can also search for Windows Live Messenger accounts, Skype accounts and Yahoo! Webmail accounts.

  • Download the Facebook app
If you have an iPhone or smartphone that supports apps then you can download the Facebook Advanced Search People Application.

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