What is a person who is addicted to taking pictures called?


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Iris Phillips answered
There does not seem to be an official or scientific name for someone who is addicted to taking photographs, but photoholic seems like a good choice of name.

  • Enthusiasm For Taking Photographs
Being a little over enthusiastic about taking photographs really is no problem. Considering the amount of pictures taken each week by most people, there is little to worry about, which is probably why there is no scientific name for it.

  • New Cameras
As a rule, constantly taking photographs is a harmless result of having a new camera, in which case it should wear off pretty soon. In the meantime, family and friends are likely to call the culprit a nuisance, or a choice of other, mostly unprintable names.

  • Making Photography a Career
Some people just love taking pictures and showing them off to their mates, no harm in that, either. If the photographs taken are good as well as plentiful, considering a career as a photographer might be an idea.

  • Worrying Obsession
The real question is whether this addiction is taking on really worrying proportions. If life almost seems to depend on taking photographs and all else has to go to make room for it, or if it has become some sort of ritual to overcome or prevent recurring negative thoughts, then it may actually be the beginning of an OCD, or obsessive compulsive disorder.

  • What are OCDs
Obsessive compulsive disorders are a type of anxiety disorder characterized by overwhelming thoughts resulting in fear, worry, uneasiness and apprehension. Sufferers subconsciously attempt to reduce this anxiety through repetitive behaviors, such as constant washing of hands, endless checking of doors or windows, extreme hoarding and other nervous rituals.

Taking photographs is rarely, if ever, associated with OCD, so there is no need to worry about it just yet, it should pass.
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Lucy Marion , London Wedding Photographers, answered

The person who is addicted to taking pictures is called a photographer, as we are all dedicated to our work to the point of obsession! Or at least all the good ones are :)

Maybe there is a word for it? Something like Kodakophile perhaps?

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I think those who are addcited are called Photographers

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