Imagine you have just made a 6-sided spinner in design and technology. How could you test whether or not it's a fair spinner?


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  • Type of spinner

This depends on which type of six sided spinner is being referred to. In design technology it is easier to make the type that is found in the commonly used board game 'Twister' in which an arrow placed at the centre of a board will be spun in order to land on one of the possible six segments.

However, there are six-sided spinners which are similar in design to the Dreidel. It has six sides of equal sides and a small handle that enables an individual to spin the top on its axis. It then balances and spins until it falls upon one of the six sides.

  • Design Technology

This is a subject taught within schools but is not often an imperative part of the national curriculum. It focuses around woodwork, electronics, food technology, product design and resistant material. It promotes creativity within adolescents yet tends to attract many males that aspire to enter vocational careers as plumbers or builders.

  • Fairness and chance.

The main reason why fairness is so essential with six-sided spinners is that their whole purpose is to produce a result that is completely the product of chance. Though many dice are known to be rigged, this is usually for the sole aim of profit, for example when gambling and placing high cost best. However, the risk is high, as being caught can lead to arrest, and not often used with six-sided spinners anyway. Therefore, the only reason why a spinner would be unfair would be due to the design and creation of the piece, especially if made for a school project.

  • Tests of fairness.

With a six-sided spinning top, a simple way to test the degree of fairness would be to ensure that there are no slight differences within the mechanical design of the spinner. If one side is slightly flawed compared to the rest, then there is some form of design fault, whether accidental or not. If someone has intentionally attempted to make the spinner unfair, then one section could be weighted in order to ensure that in lands on that section with every spin.

With a board spinner, if one sixth of the board is slightly larger than the others, there is an increased chance of the spinner landing on this section, deeming the game unfair.

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