I'm having problems with my Coby MP-610 mp3 player. It keeps saying 'file sys err'. What's wrong?


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If you are having problems with your mp3 player then there are several things that you can try such as contacting the manufacturer of your mp3 player.

  • Contact Coby electronics.
If you are having problems with your mp3 player then the first people on your contact list should be the people who made the mp3 player, in your case Coby electronics. The contact page of their website can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Www.cobyusa.com/?p=contact. Once you are on this page you will be presented with a number of contact options such as technical support which will probably be the number that you need.

Just give them a phone call during the working hours that are stated on their website and explain to them the issues that you are having. They should be able to talk you through a series of steps that could solve your problem. They may also ask you several questions about what happened the last time your device was working correctly.

  • Hardware and electronic stores.
If you cannot get in touch with Coby electronics or if they have been unable to solve your problem then you could consider taking your device to a hardware or electronics store. These kinds of stores usually have some kind of service that has a team that specializes in repairing electronic devices.

Take your device into them one day and explain the problems that you have been having as accurately as you can. Don't leave out any details as they could be important in some way to the cause of your problem.

If the problem is quite serious then the repair team may have to take it off you overnight or for a day or two and depending on how much repairing needs doing, there will probably be a charge for this service.

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