What's A Database Schema?


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Description of data base is called schema. Description of database includes specifying data type,constraints etc on data to be stored on data base.
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The Structure of the database i.e the table , constraints , and relationship among them are together called the Schema
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Is a set of  tables, fields, and records
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The word schema is defined as the set of objects which belong to an account. It comprises of tables, views, indices, etc. A schema is often used as another way to refer to an account of the Oracle software program. The Create Schema statement lets an Oracle user to specify all data and privilege definitions for a new scheme in a single SQL statement.

One can add further definitions to the schema later using the DDL statements. A schema is also defined as a description of the structure and rules which a document must satisfy for an XML document type. It includes the formal declaration of the elements which make up a document.

The word schema is defined as the description of the data which is represented within a database. The format of the description or schema varies but includes a layout, in the form of a table, for a relational database or a diagram which represents an entity-relationship.
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Schema is the collection of tables
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Schema is a active directory service,The schema
keeps a list of the definitions for each object such as
Computer or User.

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