What tools and policies can an organisation adopt in managing organisational issues in relation to ICT security?


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Security software, limitations on usage and employee practice policies can be adopted in the management of organizational issues relating to ICT security.

These measures will help protect the ICT system used by an organization from illegal hacking and malware virus threats. ICT security is of the utmost importance now criminals have chosen to use the Internet to target victims. Not having appropriate security measures when it comes to ICT could cause a company many problems.

  • Security software

Security software programs help recognize and eliminate threats to an ICT system. They are highly effective and even the most basic computer should have some form of security software installed. An organization should find security software with the capacity to protect individual computers as well as the work network. Any connections are prone to Internet threats, and must be secured accordingly. Bring in an ICT technician to sort this out for you.

  • Limitations on usage

For security reasons, certain websites and features should be blocked from usage by employees. For instance, employees should not have the capacity to play online games or download music files from work computers. Not only does this lower productivity in the workplace by offering distractions, it poses a threat to the computer in question as well as the whole work network. Even with software security in place, extra measures must be taken.

  • Employee practice policies

Employees must be made aware of what is allowed and what isn't. Certain policies should be drawn up for workers to follow. These should cover simple aspects such as only using a computer for work purposes and not writing down passwords relating to the network. By raising awareness in the staff team, you reduce the chances of an individual conducting malpractice and causing an ICT security threat.

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