How do i craft in pocket legends?


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Pocket Legends is a mobile game that is available on the Android phones, and is the world's most popular game in this category, with over one million downloads. It is free to download and is a multi-player game, during which everyone plays in the same world.

Crafting is a way of combining elements of the game to create powerful items for use in the game. There are 3 types of materials that can be used for crafting and these are:

• Metal
The metal is used in creating recipes that are required to craft.

• Leather
Like metal, leather is required to craft most items and a recipe is needed to complete a craft.

• Cloth
Cloth is also needed to complete a craft, and like leather and metal it needs other elements alongside it to complete a craft.

Crafting is only possible after the player has helped out the character "Burke the Blacksmith". Helping him is simple, and involves taking on quests that he offers you. Once the quest has been completed he will provide the player with some of the necessary items to craft. Different quests will provide different rewards and it is only when you can follow a recipe, by having all the necessary items to make it, that the crafting can begin, and the powerful items can be obtained.

Besides collecting the items to complete a craft, the recipes to complete them also need to be collected, and this can only be achieved by following certain quests. Only when you have the recipe and the necessary ingredients can the crafting be completed, and the powerful items obtained.

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