Where Can I Download A Free Age Progression Software?


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Age progression software is a programme for computers that can be used to edit a photo of someone’s facial features to make them appear older. There are many free downloads available online from various websites such as
It is important to remember that some free software downloads available online are put up there illegally, so whoever downloads them is also committing a crime. You need to look into things before downloading and make sure you are sure you’re getting the correct software, so it is a good idea to seek advice from a professional beforehand.

Age progression software can be a vital tool within the legal industries in helping to find a victim that had been kidnapped many years ago for example, and may have aged since then. Some people just use it for fun though, perhaps if they want to see what they may look like when they are older, so it can have various different purposes.

There are varying versions of the software available online to suit different types of computers and operating systems. These are available for Mac, Windows and even mobile phones like iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones that have access to installing applications.

The software allows you to change the skin texture of someone’s face by a number of years, which may be five, 10 or even 30. You can also change the hair colour to grey, as well as editing various other features.

A search on Google can help to give you a number of different websites which you can download the software from.

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