What Are The Advantage In Dotnet?


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Dot Net is a Microsoft initiative. It is also known as the .Net framework. It is directed at modifying the entire computer world. It is a large set of development tools, servers, software, and services. It is Microsoft's strategy of software that provides services to people any time, any place, on any device. Thus it can be defined as an XML Web Services platform which allows users to interact with the internet by using a wide range of smart devices.

It has several advantages like a consistent programming model, direct support for security, simplified development efforts, easy application deployment and maintenance, integration through public standards, multilanguage support, scalability through loosely coupled architecture, enhancing developer productivity and results, advanced security and utilizing OS services.
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It builds the dynamic websites  with interactive web applications that experts are providing new ideas to write the code  with

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It develops the functioning websites which is the best platform  to eliminate the amount of  unneccessary codes.It enables varied functions like rendering of graphic designs.It provides different funtionalities with their managements

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