What are the modern technologies that can cure diseases?


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Modern technology is developing all the time and scientists are coming up with new treatments for disease every day, but there are still diseases and conditions that medicine and technology cannot cure.

One remarkable piece of technology that is used to treat diseases is organ transplants. This requires a donor, usually someone who has died, who has healthy organs that can be transferred to someone on the donor list.

There could be any number of reasons why a person needs a new heart such as:

• Heart failure.
• Heart disease.
• A heart defect that has been present from birth.

Even though lots of people in the world are designated organ donors, lots of people are still waiting on transplant lists. One piece of modern technology that would be greatly beneficial to all people on any organ transplant list would be stem cells.

As you probably know, cancer cells undergo mitosis at an extraordinary rate, which is why tumors grow so big so fast. If scientists could discover why they do this and how, they could be able to engineer ordinary stem cells to grow that fast and grow real human organs in a laboratory, which could then be transplanted.

Some types of leukemia can now be cured or at least reduced with technology called bone marrow replacement. This involves taking bone marrow from another person and transplanting it into the person with leukemia. This is not always a cure but is a great help.

Unfortunately, some types of cancer are not curable at all. But radiotherapy and chemotherapy are two pieces of modern technology that can greatly reduce the size of tumors and hopefully put the cancer into remission. However, chemotherapy can come with lots of negative side effects as the radiation kills cancer cells, but it cannot determine between "good cells" and "bad cells" which means that it also kills a person's cells, this is what causes people to lose their hair.
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We are in the modern era of technologies and we have overcome many of fatal diseases which was not curable in the past. Like some types of cancers, heart diseases and pneumonia, malaria and polio. Many of skin diseases are also curable now. Medical sciences are developed in an extent that the gene therapy is also possible now for genetic diseases and disorders.
Cosmetic and aesthetic industry is also developed with multiple treatments according to the patient's need.
likewise hair transplantation and restoration is also possible in this era and different technique can be used for hair restoration. Like Stem cell hair transplant, FUE and FUT hair transplant etc.

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I agree with the comments above. 21st century technologies are not standing still. Now there are many ways to cure the disease and learn about its existence at an early stage of development. I believe that the best cure for the disease is its prevention.  Prevention is better than cure. Recently, I found this article https://hivprep.org/truvada-manufacturer/ and learned that it is necessary to take Truvada to carry out prevention from HIV. I think it's the right thing to do. I didn't know that before. Now I know and I want to take care of myself and my health. Do you also do prophylaxis for some diseases?

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