Determine the reasons for the team's effectiveness. (Hint: You might look for web sites sponsored by the group itself, review online news sources for current articles about it, or enter the group's name in a search engine. ?...


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It is where you can find cooperation, motivation and compromise.

Working with a team allows you to blend with other people whose interests are different from yours. Having more talents allow you to make use of them in synergy. Different roles can be delegated and different tasks can be assigned to each member. With each team member contributing to a common goal, only the best results are derived. It is where cooperation is best exemplified. Team members put in their individual resources towards a common goal.

Meanwhile, motivation is another key factor that makes a team work ticks. Having a common drive to achieve a certain goal is very contagious. Others are easily carried away by the enthusiasm that some members exude. More often than not, one member's desire to excel inspires others to also do the same. As such, it is very helpful that each member should have a positive attitude towards a certain project.

Time and again, being in a team is proven to be very effective. More minds working on a project means better efforts achieving more. However, it can also have its own share of disadvantages. Once the member of a team does not agree on a certain issue, the ability of being able to work harmoniously becomes difficult. At any rate, that is where compromise comes in. Any team member should understand that it is the common interest of the group that prevails and not those of the individual members.

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