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Snopes used to be the authority and the last word in any question. Recent events have changed that as the site seems to have taken on a political stance and no longer publishes true information. You cannot believe everything that is posted on the SNOPES website, I, personally, have found too much disinformation on Snopes, which they purport to be the truth.
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Snopes refuses to respond to this article. Why?

Aspartame Dispute At

Disputing The Article on Aspartame.

It appears that used my book title when reporting an aspartame scam. By using my book title, Sweet Poison, as the title of their post, snopes gives the impression that this particular hoax is connected to me and to my work with aspartame....
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I am with you I don't think it is a creditable web site. Too much opinion and short on factual truths!

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