How Do U Get Star Coins On Spark City?


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Emma kay answered
The only way to get star coins on spark city without cheating is to pay for them.

  • There should be a tab or something that you can click on somewhere on your screen that gives the option of adding coins. Click on this, and you will be asked for your credit card details. You have to pay actual cash for star coins.
  • The only other way to get star coins on here is to cheat in the game. To do this, there are several websites online which give you such cheats. Some are free, some ask for a fee. There are also videos on you tube that will talk you through how to cheat the game. The free websites on the Internet will also tell you what you need to do to cheat the game. Not being a player of the game myself, i do not know that much about it and so i am afraid that i cannot help you further.
  • You have to question whether, if you cannot cheat the game, it is worth you paying actual cash for these coins. If you do have a credit card, you need to make sure that the website is secure before giving over your details. If it is not secure, then you risk fraudsters stealing you identity. Make sure you stay safe when using the Internet.
  • Spark city is a very popular virtual world game that enables you to socialize on the net, make friends and play games. Star coins are a high accolade on this game and so are rare to come by, unless you buy them.

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