Turning Up The Transmit Power, Or Utilizing A High-gain Antenna To Reach Wireless Users From A Distance, Increases Your Exposure To ______________________?


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It is suggested that turning up the transmit power, or utilizing a high-gain antenna to reach wireless users from a distance, can increase your exposure to radiofrequency radiation. Whether this increase in exposure to radiofrequency radiation is enough to have any negative effects on health is something that is highly debated.

Radiofrequency radiation is the release of waves of electric and magnetic energy moving together through space at the speed of light. Radiofrequency is extremely important for telecommunications and is used by a wide range of services including radio and television broadcasting, cellular telephones, radio communications for police and fire departments, amateur radio, microwave point-to-point links and satellite communications. A non-communication use of radiofrequency is microwaves, where the radiation is used to cook food via the ability to heat tissue.

As radiofrequency radiation can heat biological tissue at an extremely rapid rate, it is well known that exposure to very high levels of the radiation has dangerous ‘thermal’ effects. If the body is exposed to high radiofrequency levels then it is possible that tissue damage would occur. This is due to the body’s inability to cope with or dissipate the excessive heat that can be generated by the radiofrequency. The eyes and the tests are particularly vulnerable as the relative lack of blood flow makes it even more difficult for the organs to dissipate the heat. There is not much evidence to support or disprove that low levels of radiofrequency radiation can have a harmful effect on human health. Some studies have shown that the realistic levels of radiofrequency energy that is encountered by humans in the environment is far below the levels necessary to produce significant heating. It has been argued, however, that in some situations, such as workplaces near high-powered radiofrequency sources, the recommended safe limits for humans are being exceeded.
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"Radio Frequency Radiation".

High gain antenna are antenna with a focussed, narrow radiowave beam width.  More precise targeting of the radio signal is gained due to the narrow beam width.  This is also commonly known as a directional antenna.  By allowing more of the transmitted power to be sent in the direction of the receiver, signal strength is improved.  High Gain Antenna capture more of the signal.

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