Participation Is An Excellent Method For Identifying Differences And Resolving Conflicts, Do You Agree Or Disagree? Discuss!


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Participation is a method clearly favored and spoken of by businesses and governing bodies as the optimum tactic to be used in bringing about resolution and dealing with issues of conflict in the workplace for example. Relationships are strengthened when two groups can discuss and work through a problem in order to come to an agreement about an issue which is even better than a compromise.

Participation forces the two parties to work through the issues that separate their own ideas and often results in the best of both becoming part of the finished product, if in a business scenario. It is this very tension within a team that is essential for creative thinking and provokes individuals to see alternative solutions.

  • It isn't a guaranteed solution, however

Like noted above however, participation is only the best strategy and is not always necessarily the strategy that brings about resolve in a situation. The ideal of collaborating to produce the best result and also improve moral within the team can sometimes take up time and resources that are just not a luxury.

Compromise, rather than collaboration, is sometimes the only way to resolve and issue in order to meet a deadline. In that sense the strategy of participation can be too time consuming and even then the two parties may result in having to compromise; a strategy always used as a backup because it still produces some kind of result.

  • Understanding on how to navigate a conflict is necessary

Implementing the strategy of 'Participation' does not stand alone as a skill in conflict management however. It must come from a basis of understanding of how to handle conflict's creative stimulation, the ability to put aside personal agendas and insecurities, to handle others emotions, to listen and to identify when and if a resolution via this strategy is attainable. Only then is it an excellent method in dealing with differences and conflicts.
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