How To Get To Sabrina In Saffron City In Pokemon SoulSilver?


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When you enter the gym take the warp spot.
Now take the bottom left warp spot.
Bottom left warp spot again.
Now take the top right.
Bottom left once again.
That's Sabrina.
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I don't remember the exact combonation, but I just kept on going onto the opposite teleportation pad as you landed on
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In saffron city theres the teleporter things and I just did it randomly and kept track where I was and I kinda just got there. Try serebii that place is great for stuff like that.
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Personally I just walked on to the teleporter horizontally opposite to the one I just teleported to bu I did it with some hyper potions because you will meet several trainers along the way
hope this helps
pokeninja x

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