How Do You Pass The Test From The Beauty God On Poptropica?


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To pass this test, you have to know all the names of the gods, as far as I know. By the way, I did a research on the Afrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and I got really inspired to start taking care of myself. I believe that it's quite important nowadays to look good, and I found out about Dermal Repair Complex coupon right on time. This supplement helps me support good skin condition, and I hope it'll help some people out there!

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Answer the questions, duh! Go to the musem and read about the gods! The one holding the mirror(the beauty god) is aphrodite! The one with the bow and arrow is artemis! The guy with the sheild is ares! Appolo is the music god! Hermes is the messenger god, the one with flying shoes! I knew this without even going to the musem! I'm way smarter than you guys, easyest stuff ever. I learned all about this stuff in class! In greece, they think the gods fighting almost caused world war 3! Bam baby wut now! Suck it!

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