What Does Ds Mean On A Samsung Front Load Washer?


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Ebony Nash answered
It’s hard to say without knowing which model you have and where it is located on the machine.

Somewhere on the unit it will have a product code; Samsung use things like WF328AA.

If you find that code, usually visible on the front of the machine, you will be able to search the internet for the manual. Many companies specialise in selling old manuals which have been digitised.

If you are having trouble, try contacting Samsung directly. There are email addresses on its website for customer support and a neat section called ‘how to’ which will take you through common functions if you put in your model number.

The final thing to try to do is head to an electrical store. Just think how many washing machines the people who work there have handled and talked about with customers. It’s unlikely anyone will know off the top of their head but if you find a machine with the ‘Ds’ on it then you can ask the shop assistant what it means. He will most likely refer to the manual and hey presto.

If this ‘Ds’ thing is a setting on the machine, you had better not use it until you know what it is. Washing machines are brilliant but can wreck your clothes of you don’t use them properly;colours can run and sleeves can shrink.
Until you know what it does, wash colours together on a temperature below 40 and wash whites together on a higher temperature if you have any stains to get rid of. Washing machines have many functions but really, you only need two.

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