What Are The Lego Robot Chronicles Cheat Codes?


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You can enjoy playing Lego Robot Chronicles by using cheats such as "ghost", "sabotage", "deflect", "spawn", "micro", and "icerink". These cheats were discovered by expert players who've been playing the game for too long. Others just came across them accidentally while there are some who really exerted extra efforts just to discover the cheats of the game.

Lego has been around for so long. As children, we think of building blocks and small puzzle pieces every time we came across the word Lego. Today, Lego has evolved to something more modern; it has invaded the virtual world as well by coming up with online games such as the Robot Chronicles.

Mind you but Lego Robot Chronicles is so unlike other virtual games out there. To begin with, it's child-friendly. It's unlike those games that are loaded with violence. On the contrary, this virtual game is something your child can benefit from. It's more educational, entertaining, and fun.

So what can your child benefit from this game? Lego Robot Chronicles is an action packed racing game that can help develop your child's spatial reasoning skills. The game includes letting your child navigate through obstacles found in the city and people as well.

The best thing about this game is your child can use different community members to portray. This includes firemen, policemen, teachers and many more which they can portray every time they play the game.

This virtual game also helps children learn about maps and how to read them. In addition, they are also trained in following directions since they're prompted by the computer on what to do next. This also helps them learn how to give and follow directions correctly and effectively.

If you want your child to get the best out of this game, it is better that they don't learn about cheat codes or use them. Let them play and enjoy the game honestly. It's the best way to play it.
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  • Spawn - Makes you change into any car (or copter) you want, even in missions!
  • Deflect - Shields X3
  • Sabotage - Slows down enemies to 75%
  • Micro - Makes all cars and copters tiny (even YOU).
  • Ghost - Makes you drive through buildings and solid objects. It also allows you to drive over water.
  • Icerink - Allows you to turn while still.
  • Doom - Makes city darker.
  • Ctrlaltdel - Resets all codes.
  • Bright - Toyland
  • Credits - Gives you the game's credits link.

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