What Potential Legal And Ethical Issues Could Arise If The Information Gained In This Survey Was Used To Create An Ideal Profile Of Characteristics That The Company Looked For When Hiring Employees?


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The ethical issues alone would be staggering.  You can't create an "ideal" mold of people who will be potential employees, as everyone is diversified in talents and skills in their own individual ways.  The characteristics that make each of us different from the other, are the characteristics that make for a co-operative workplace, where everyone is able to help  others others using their own personal skills.  Legally, it would be discriminatory to create a form of an "ideal employee" using certain characteristics from a survey.  When you are creating a set of answers from a survey that will be used to BASE a good potential employee upon, you are also taking the best of each person that took the survey.  To discriminate against a person's varied and personal skills and talents, because they don't fit the "Ideal Profile" is not only to take away the special talent that person could bring to the workplace, but is telling that potential employee that they are not good enough.
I am keeping in mind that this is for a psychological make up of the person seeking employment, and not based on their experience, education, and knowledge needed to perform the job.  And again, if that's the case, if the person doesn't live up to the Ideal Characteristic Profile, then all the experience, education and knowledge they would have brought with them to better the company, would be wasted.
I hope that helped you out a bit.

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