When Was The DVD Player Invented?


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The first proposals for the manufacture and sale of high-density digital video discs (DVD's) were made in 1993. DVD has evolved from compact discs (CD) and other technologies that were related to it. There is no one particular inventor or company behind the invention of the DVD as such, as it is a collaborative effort on the part of several companies. Many people have a role to play in developing DVD technology.

In the initial stages of development of the DVD, there were proposals to develop two competing formats, namely the MMCD format (which had its supporters in Sony and Philips, among other electronics giants), and the SD format, which was backed, among others, by Toshiba, Matsushita and Time Warner.

A single DVD format was introduced in September 1995, after IBM intervened and had the two groups agree to combine the two formats and come up with a single standard DVD technology. Just as there is no specific inventor of the DVD, there is also no particular owner of DVD technology. A group of ten companies, namely Hitachi, JVC, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Philips, Pioneer, Sony, Thomson, Time Warmer and Toshiba, forms the consortium that developed DVD technology, which is known as the DVD Forum.
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DVD is basically an optical storage device. It is used for media and data storage. It can store 6 times as much data as a Compact disc. The major forms of DVD are DVD-ROM, DVD R, DVD +R, DVD RW etc.

DVD was invented in the year 1993. It was basically a result of the collaboration of different companies that agreed on a common format. These companies were Philips, Sony, Time Warner, Toshiba, Matsushita, Hitachi, JVC, IBM, Apple, Dell, Sun etc.

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