Where Can I Make An Acronym Online?


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You can make an acronym for free online using websites such as, or Acronymify!. There are many websites that will generate a selection of acronyms for you to choose from, and thankfully they are really easy to use.

How to use Acronymify!

  • Go to
  • Type in the words that you would like to make your acronym out of
  • Use the search button to see some suggestions
  • You should see a long list of ideas, and these are rated to help you choose

Many everyday words are actually acronyms, although you may not know it, or may have never even thought about it. For example, the word laser actually stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, whilst the name of those delicious chocolatey treats, M&M's actually comes from the name Mars & Murrie’s.

Be mindful when selecting your acronym, as you don't want to be happily using an acronym which has alternative meanings. Newcastle University learned this the hard way when they caused quite a bit of offence after using what they thought was simple acronym for Central University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

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