Where Can You Find Omel In Fossil Fighters?


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You can find Omel in rivet ravine in tunnel 4 follow the tunnel to the V.M.M. Then turn and walk to the left and after a while you should find find a ladder going under ground. After your under-ground walk left to find Omel. When your searching for his twin this is the path you should take:read all the plaques. On the path on the 1st time remember this  O O O is the sign path you should take. Once you reach the end avoid all treasure chest unless you want 2G and to warp back  to Omel, then you find omels twin. Then Omel loses his twin again if you come back this time for the signs go X ,path X path O path. Then match the sound with the chests in correct order. Then continue down the tunnel where you find Omels twin. Both times you get a reward.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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