How Is Television A Means Of Communication?


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The television has invaded our houses since its conception in the 1920s. As a means of communication is has become almost indispensable. What was earlier deemed to be a luxury item has now become a necessity of almost every household. It holds its place as one of the best media of communication due to its omnipresence.

It is so visually stimulating that one can make use of the same for a wide variety of purposes. Governments can spread awareness, health care professionals can promote better health practices, and advertisements can be used reach out to a vast number of potential consumers. Besides its vast outreach, one of the best advantages of using the television as a means of communication is that you have the flexibility of reaching your target audience. For example, after school specials are directed at children, while late night programs are targeted at adults.

While it is true that the advent of the television has brought on a wave of consumerism, the benefits of television far outweigh any potential evils.

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