How To Run Html Document File?


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    Every Body Who want to know about HTML...
HTML file very easy to run  you do not  need any  software for this , You have to save  this by
.htm or .html . When ever you save this file you can get browser icon , double click on this you can able to get result.

Simple Example...
  Hi This your Friend  Ajit...

save this file by xxx.html /xxx.htm , you can see the browsers icon , double click on this...its will display     "   Hi This your Friend Ajit..."
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Hello Dummy

from Notepad
Click on File menu
Click Save As Then Browse your desktop, then save the file as sample.html Then Press window Key + D Find the sample.html on the desktop
Double-Click it
You will then see your HTML page open in your internet browser
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The question is how to run an html file from within an html file?
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No it isn't. It is just telling you that a web page will show in a browser. There is no "running" of anything on that page. The code for putting another page inside another page is completely different from what is shown.

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